Friday Funny Facebook Quotes…Old Age, Acne and Cheek Pain

Another selection of Friday’s Funny Facebook Quotes. Friends are funny and they live exciting lives. Thanks for sharing all of your exciting and funny news friends. Without you, my life would be incomplete.

  • Who the hell’s bright idea was it to put carrots in Bumble Bee tuna salad with crackers?
    • Comment: Bugs Bunny meets Charlie?

  • Old age has rights – hey, hey – just found out the metro is only .55 for old people like me and $1.80 for all day trips! Yahoo! Look out metro here I come! I take it in the morning and walk home – oh and yes, my family heritage is Scot!

  • Dear Acne Fairy -It’s really nice how you’ve snuck into my room each night for the past two weeks, touched your magic wand to my forehead, and blessed me with new “gifts” each night. – But listen, if I wake up tomorrow w/another pimple, I’m gonna hunt you down and kill you :o) I’m 26, not 16!

  • day four without TV and Internet.
    • Comment: uh oh… suicide watch?

  • yeah the power is out…laptop charged…Dang vacuum needs power..guess what I am going to do..?!?
    • Comment: Hmmm… Facebook??

  • Put dinner in the crock-pot early this afternoon. Power went out and I figured that when it came back on it would just start up again, well just checked it and the pot was COLD…one or both kids switched the knob to OFF!! 🙂

  • don’t you just hate it when people tag someones picture just so they can have it on their page. They are not even in the photo either. I wouldn’t mind if they were in the picture or were at the event but just to tag so they can have it really irritates me!! Just saying
    • Comment: I’m gunna tag one of your man’s pictures so I can have a man picture

  • ‎”He who does not contribute should not take – in bed.”…Thank you China Gourmet for a delicious lunch AND a good laugh.”C
    • Comment: I had one from pfchangs recently that said “always under promise and over deliver – in bed!’ Best fortune cookie I’ve ever gotten.

  • The only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people, is that tattooed people don’t care that you don’t have tattoos!
    • Comment: And non-tattooed people don’t care that u do hahaha, some of us are just wimps

  • My cheeks hurt. – Who knew smiling so much could be painful?!
    • Comment: I knew … 😀
    • Response: Seriously, I might need a high dosage of Canadian aspirin to make the pain stop ;o)

  • ‎I am up this early to workout. Damn, my fingers are looking good! Thanks for the workout, Facebook!
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One Response to Friday Funny Facebook Quotes…Old Age, Acne and Cheek Pain

  1. stephanie says:

    I don’t know how the Fortune cookie one was but it’s funny. Made me a bit mad though b/c I’ve been collecting our fortunes and have been planning on a simular post….

    funny stuff. <3

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