Midweek Funny Facebook Status Updates

A few funny quotes from Facebook to get you through the rest of the week. Have a great Humpday!

  • is about to play starcraft 2 for the first time…..he is also wetting his pants out of excitement

  • is it normal to go purchase WalMart socks at 12:30 am, to avoid washing the pile of dirty ones in my laundry basket? I certainly hope so.
  • I need a vacation, now! Next week won’t come soon enough…i

  • Sometimes I think life would be much easier as a jerk or a sociopath. Caring about others can be exhausting, confusing, and frustrating
  • It’s amazing what a quick ten minute nap can do. Namely: make you want a longer nap.

  • So many stupid people, and so few asteroids.

  • You know when you get an email that states ” hurry quickly, or the other person’s actions will hurt worse..” You know you better get on that like WAY QUICK

  • I hate how people come into stores and think it’s ok to just let their kids run wild. I wish I could see how the brain works in these parents I mean OMG if you watch your kid throw a toy off the shelf at an employee just because you won’t buy it for them don’t just walk away!!!!! Sad thing is most of these parents are so drugged out they have no mind left. I still hate them though.

  • just tinkled on the couch. Shhhhhh, don’t tell.

  • Just got “chocolate wasted!!” >.<
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