Facebook Funny Quotes… Facebook Talk About Inception

All our Facebook friends are talking about this new movie titled Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. The movie trailers are intriguing and frightening, but the Facebook friends still have something funny to say about it. Have you seen Inception? What do you think? What are some of the other great movies out now?

  • My favorite t-shirt I dreamed up. For friend who got sued by Microsoft. Said, “So Sue Me — Microsoft did!” He didn’t talk to me for a year
  • was that thunder I just heard?!
    • Comment: I was wondering the same thing!!! It was kinda scary I thought it was like earthquake scary!!
    • Comment: I kno!! That was loud… Lol
  • A gurl can always count on BEN & JERRY to be her best friend always no matter what!
  • loved, Loved, LOVED Inception. – Super trippy, but awesome.
  • It almost smells like I’m baking cookies! It’s going to be really disappointing to open the oven and find that it has only been cleaning itself. 🙂
  • I just poured milk into a sippy cup for my son, but he kept freaking out like he wanted something else, so I opened the fridge and told him to show me what he wanted. He pulled out the Worcestershire Sauce. So, without taking the lid off, I made him watch me tip it over his sippy cup. Then I shook up his cup and handed it to him. He was satisfied and I feel a little evil.
    • Comment: No, feel brilliant, just brilliant.
    • Comment: He’s wanting mixed drinks? At his age? Ha ha ha
  • is frankly just pissed off. If a line of children were in front of me holding balloons, I would pop them.
    • Comment: POP THEM!!!!! POP THEM ALL!!!! And then take their candy!
  • The other day, I only cut the grass in the front yard. Due to inclement weather since, the back lawn has grown longer. Does that mean my yard has a mullet?
    • Comment: Business in the front, party in the back!
  • Has found out that glitter nail polish does not work on a kid who sucks her thumb. Just too much of a weird texture. She wanted it off, so I got nail polish remover. She then sucked her thumb right after. “My thumb does not taste good!” And burst into tears. Well, that is one way to get her to stop sucking her thumb.
    • Comment: Diva!
  • power bill came to almost $92 for the month…guess who is sitting in the dark doing nothing to save on energy! LOL. Good thing I have a couple friends willing to sit here in the dark and just chat!
  • Inception was awesome, backing into the car wasn’t. Swimming in the Salina pool at 11:30 awesome, seeing a meteorite even more awesome. Now to just find out if I know who texted me…
  • Inception could be watching layer upon layer foreva’! It was all I had hoped for and then some
  • Is going to go see Inception by himself at 12:45 because all of his friends are responsible adults…Gah! Have fun at work y’all, I’ll be eating popcorn.
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  1. Ken says:

    I need a friend !!! That’s all !!!! Movie , drink , & fun !!!!!

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