Midweek Top Ten Funny Facebook Quotes

Here is a list of your Top Ten Funniest Status Updates for mid week. Thanks again Facebook friends for making “hump day” more enjoyable.

  • Well it sounds as if the neighbors are on the rag again; I swear the ones mood swings shift more than a pregnant woman in mid July. Thank god for mp3 players!!

  • The one time I really wash my truck by myself waxed everything it rains like the rainforest!

  • My Dog Likes Gummy Worms As Much As I Do Loll

  • Baby has another new tooth. And the only thing I noticed was the excessive drooling.

  • Is in desperate need of a kid-free vacation but would settle for a kid-free potty break at this point……… >.<

  • Is choking down another Olive Garden “Italian” lunch. Why do people like this place? Next time just give me a colonoscopy. I would enjoy that more.

  • Due to self-imposed travel-related stress, my sense of humor will be replaced with anal retentiveness for the rest of the week. Enter at your own risk.

  • Got a new pair of Friday Fun Socks today!!! I can hardly wait for Friday to come!!

  • Ha! My friend posted the following on her Facebook account, “A smoking section in a restaurant is like a peeing section in a swimming pool!!!”

  • Anyone wanna hang out?!
    • Comment: Dude I thought we were gonna go to Lagoon. You pinky promised man!!!!
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