Funny Facebook Status Updates…Craving Dr. Pepper Now!

Yeah! Friday is finally here and your Facebook friends have been so funny this week. There were so many status updates to choose from but I picked my top ten favorite quotes for this Friday to get you through the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • I wish I had the power to wiggle my nose and my house would be clean, like on Bewitched.

  • Is it bad to wake up and want a Dr. Pepper at 7:30 a.m.? ….. (sigh) One reason I could not live in Washington state…they don’t sell diet Dr. Pepper anywhere!!! You can barely find it in the grocery stores let alone at any gas station in the soda machines. What are they thinking!!!!!
    • Comment: Shame on them… You should be able to drink whatever you want whenever you want…

  • If you are in a wheel chair and you get stopped by the police for being drunk, would you be arrested for a DUI?

  • Sometimes, when you call, and I don’t answer the phone, it’s because I don’t want to talk to you. Yes, you should definitely take it personally.

  • is grateful for a wonderful neighbor who let me toss a lot of my ruined food in one of his garbage cans. Unfortunately, the frozen roll dough I had to throw out keeps proofing in the garbage can and lifting the lid.

  • I want to find a way to somehow relocate Monday to the middle of the week instead of putting it right up front. That way it wouldn’t be such a downer to go back to work after such a great and relaxing weekend.

  • has heard that You Tube, twitter and facebook are all to merge, it will be know as LMAO!!!!!!

  • What’s the big deal… Refudiate?? I think I’ve heard that word before, INXS totally uses it in this song. Right?

    • Ok, maybe not. So, we have a new Palinism. I equally enjoy the Bidenisms and miss the Bushisms. I’m sure you all delight in these “isms” too. Come on, arguate this one with me.

  • Somebody’s reading your mind. Damned if you know who it is. They’re digging through all of your files and stealing back your best ideas.
    • Comment: They aren’t reading mine… I sheathed the house in aluminum foil and had all my fillings pulled… I’m safe… for now.

  • Rough night. Today’s goal: Keep the children alive.
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