Funny Facebook Status Updates… Going on Vacation

Summertime, the time of family vacations; road trips, camping, airports and cruises. It is always fun to get out and make new memories with your families and friends. There is no better place to tell us and show us about your family vacation than on Facebook. Pictures and words about the grand adventures your summer holds. Some of those adventures are pretty funny too.

  • This is a test. If anyone knows or likes my mom please comment 🙂

  • Is pretty sure that the current and up-and-coming generations will never truly understand the significance of a mix tape. 🙁

  • After 3 weeks on the road with 3 kids I’m convinced we would make pretty good gypsies. I could go another 3 weeks if we didn’t have to get back for work.

  • My power is my mass times the speed of light squared.

  • Every time I play a Metallica video or listening to them, my cat hops on my lap and watches too… She is my Metallicat, smart girl… 😉

  • When your teenage daughters come home from camp and ask, “What did you and Dad do all week?” and you pause to think about it and they say, “Never mind, We don’t want to know”…Is it okay to get the giggles? Keep in mind I did not say ANYTHING!

  • Normally paying money to see a film with Leonardo DiCaprio in it goes against my policy, but I am making an exception to go see Inception. Off to a Matinee!

  • The recipe I made today said to chill for 30 minutes so I sat back and had a margarita!

  • Feels like some days all I do is look for things!
    • Comment: Let me know if you find any of my things! K?
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  1. Fernando says:

    haha, Great ones!

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