Top Ten Funniest Facebook Quote for the Week? …You Decide!

The friends are funny this week but who is the funniest? Read through your friends quotes and then take the poll at the end to determine which quote is the funniest this week. I know who I will be voting for. Let’s see if we are thinking the same. Have fun and check back often to see the results.

  • I have realized it is my civic duty to report crimes I see, so I have done so this morning.
  • Wants to let Utah drivers know: the flashing merge arrow signs are recommendations, not goal lines!
  • I think I am going to devote my summer to making our cats internet celebrities...since I am sooo busy and all….
  • If every day we took the time to look around us and see the miracles that existed…we wouldn’t eat fast food everyday! Guess I need to look around me more often!!
  • I had two middle-aged customers get mad at me because when they asked me if I was on team Edward or Jacob, I said team neither.
  • Whoooooo whoooooo!!!!! I own a hoopty!!!! Top o the line hoopty too! Is a 99 mercury a hoopty? What are the requirements to call it a hoopty? Whatever I got a car! I’m a minimom for now!
  • Spinning at 8:30 in the morning, does anyone wanna join me?????
    • Comment: if I spin too much. I’ll throw up. That’s why I can’t go on the space ship rides at carnivals ):
  • Red, white, & blue stand for freedom, yet it just doesn’t seem to apply when you see the same colors in your rear view mirror! Coincidence? LOL
  • Oh the torture I had to endure watching Eclipse with my girls today!!!
    • Comment: what…you don’t like it
    • Comment: whatever you loved it?!
    • Response: I’m just not into vampires…it was corny.
    • Comment: Oh thank God, not all the women have lost their minds
  • Seriously considering unfriending the six “friends” who “like” Sarah Palin
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