Funny Facebook Quotes… What Is Wrong With This Weather

This has been the oddest summer EVER. First it snows and we are freezing, then the heat is so sweltering and sweat drips from our faces, next day freezing again. Please Mother Nature, just give us those fabulous days of the perfect temperature, the perfect humidity and the slightest breeze to cool us off. With parkas one day and bikinis the next, it is difficult for our bodies to adjust. Even my Facebook friends agree, it is just too cold (or too hot) for us this summer.

Wow, July. Where did you come from?

Comment: Well see what happened was October and November hooked up and 9 months later there is now July, we used to only have 11 months…..

It would be great if the cat wouldn’t run across my stomach and boobs when I’m trying to sleep.

Oh The Things I Would Do For A Mute Button In Real Life!

I shouldn’t be shivering in July…ever. I should be whining about how hot it is!

Broiling in this house. Thinking…thinking…what errands can I run to somewhere with A/C? Ah, I need an extension cord for the fan. Once the baby’s awake, away we go.

Anyone got my back? Something awesome could go down

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  2. Fer says:

    hahaha. awesome!

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