Twilight’s Eclipse Opened This Week… Funny Facebook Quotes Has a New Look

Dear Friends, I hope you found me over here at still sharing the funny things my Facebook friends are saying. is still running but now will focus on places to go and things to do. Funny Facebook Friday was so popular that I thought it needed it’s own space.

This week the new movie Eclipse opened in theaters. Obviously my Facebook friends loved the movie because it is all they could talk about. Enjoy the quotes that they shared with their Facebook friends.

  • Okay Eclipse=TOTALLY AWESOME!! In my opinion it’s the best one yet!! I totally loved it!!:] it was totally epic ha ha ha!:]
  • Wow what an amazing movie….. Loved it!!!! Can’t wait to see it like 77 more times……
  • Anyone want to get together and play some board games or card games? I  have a shelf full of games that need to be played.
  • It’s a sad day when you finally find the radio station that you really like with all the good songs you loved as a teenager and it’s the OLDIES station!!!!!!!@!
  • If there is a day that you can feel completely *blah* then today is it. Good thing I don’t work tomorrow or the day after that or the day after that or the day after that or the day after that or the day after that. Guess which day I will be back?
  • I must be allergic to work, I instantly become tired & ornery the second I sit down at my desk.
  • Just made a CPR dance lol with my lover 🙂
  • Is it Friday yet?? Excited not to work tomorrow!
  • *le sigh* nothing to do at work. People need to start ordering supper.
  • smimming at bear lake!
    • Comment: Smimming? Is this a new activity I don’t know about? He he he jk! I know what you meant! How fun!!
  • Today I woke up, told my husband he should stay home from work and play with us, and he did. 🙂
  • Would like to thank those fine people for starting a fire in the field right behind my house
  • Perfect summer day! Let’s see if the squirrel trap catches a critter today. Don’t worry, I’m a professional. No squirrels will be hurt and they will be set free in Summit Park.
  • This month: non-stop studying for the bar; next month: non-stop partying to make up for it.
  • I got a raise yesterday, for a job I have not been scheduled to work for a week and a half. I still don’t know when I go back to work again but I am excited that when I do they’ll be paying me more….
  • I love the Prophet Noah… but why oh why didn’t he swat those two mosquitoes!?! They are killing us here!
  • is likely to vomit. 🙁
    • comment: Are you watching the new Twilight movie?
  • is not sure if life is passing me by or trying to run me over!
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